Promotional Still of Tim Curry and Lesley Ann Warren

"Sexy, cunning, and tough. She's a woman who knows how to get what she wants," is the way Lesley Ann Warren describes Miss Scarlet, who runs a "discreet escort service." - Clue Cast Bio. Tim Curry is Wadsworth, the oh-so British and almost perfect butler. Even in the face of murder, he tries to "keep everything tidy," and, as the suspense mounts, he operates at breakneck speed. - Clue Cast Bio.
Printed on 8x10 glossy paper, this photograph is of Tim Curry (as Wadsworth, the Butler) and Lesley Ann Warren (as Miss Scarlet) in the movie, Clue. The lower left corner of the picture features the photo identification code CL - 5241 - 25. This still is near perfect condition except for some minor creases on the white boarder toward the right side of the photograph.