Parker Brothers VCR Game Promotional Clip - 1986

Produced for marketing purposes, and taped to VHS, this promotional material for the Clue VCR Game lasts just under two minutes but is full of interesting tidbits. The narrator's script follows a montage of still and animated images with a couple clips from the game's commercials.

The narrator's spiel is transcripted here:

Parker Brothers continues setting the standards for a whole new category in home entertainment - the VCR game.

Parker Brother's Clue VCR, the murder mystery game, is revolutionizing the way we play games. And the public is loving it.

In 1986, Clue VCR became the fifth largest selling videotape product in America and by the end of the year it will be the number one videotape product ever sold.

And we'll continue to pioneer and innovate.

What could be better than one murder mystery, but the possibility of a whole series of mysteries to intrigue the public and capture their imagination.

And the number of your potential customers is growing.

More than 12 million new consumers will buy home video cassette recorders this year.

It is obviously a marketplace that is expanding at a phenomenal rate.

Industry research shows that consumers are now actually looking for alternative uses for their VCR hardware units.

What better way to entertain than to use your VCR to play an innovative, exciting VCR game that everyone can enjoy.

Yes, the bold sales strategy of selling Clue VCR in the game department where Parker Brothers has been the traditional leader for more than 100 years paid off for our long term customers and ourselves.

At Parker Brothers, we are committed to VCR games, backing them with our aggressive marketing and a massive advertising campaign.

Parker Brothers foresaw the sky rocking VCR market and demonstrated its ability to deliver what the consumer demanded -unique, challenging and fun VCR games.

But we won't stop there.

We are continuing to challenge our own success - setting the industry standards; defining and creating new VCR games to push the category to fantastic new heights.