Television Commercial for Clue VCR Game

Taped onto a VHS, this commercial lasts only about 40 seconds are features a butler in a mansion introducing the Clue VCR game by speaking directly to the camera.

The commercial is transcripted here with actions in italics:

Butler walks down a mansion foyer and passes two suits of armor.

The only thing better than watching a good whodunit is being part of one.

Suit of Armor swings sword at butler but misses. Butler does not notice.

Butler enters room and sits at table laid out with the Clue VCR game. A chalice sits at the table.

Now you can with Parker Brothers Clue VCR.

Butler puts VCR tape into player as a hand drops poison out of a secret compartment in a ring into the chalice on the table.

Butler "deals" playing cards onto the table.

An ingenious new concept in games.

Film clips from Clue VCR game show on the television on the table.

Watch and collect evidence.

Who killed whom?


And with what?

Butler picks up game box.

You and your friends will find a new mystery every time you play Clue VCR.

Butler walks away as a chandelier crashes to the floor behind him. A hand with points a gun out of a secret panel toward Butler.

But beware.

Gunshot rings out. Bullet smashes vase on fireplace mantle behind Butler.

Solving it can be absolute murder!

Butler holds chalice and takes a drink. Butler makes an alarmed expression.

Voiceover by narrator: Clue VCR mystery game wherever games are sold.