Clue Movie Presskit #2 - 1985
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Typeface Sheet
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This presskit is in mint condition. The items come in a white folder bearing the Paramount Pictures logo. Inside are three photographs from the movie (in an acid free envelope), two slides (bearing the word "Clue" on one side and Paramount Pictures information on the reverse), a page with various sizes of the Clue typeface, and a three page movie synopsis.
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[Movie Synopsis Transcribed Below]

Program Information - "Clue" - A Synopsis: The suspicious characters, sinister rooms and murder weapons made famous by the ever-popular Parker Brothers board game come to life in grand style in Paramount Pictures' all-star comedy whodunit, "Clue."

On a dark and rainy evening in 1954, six strangers are mysteriously summoned to an elegant dinner party in a remote New England mansion. They are:

  • Colonel Mustard (MARTIN MULL), a blustering Army officer who made a fortune selling black market goods during World War II;
  • Mrs. White (MADELINE KAHN), the blackhearted widow whose five husbands have all died under suspicious circumstances;
  • Mrs. Peacock (EILEEN BRENNAN), a prominent Washington socialite who's married to a powerful senator;
  • Mr. Green (MICHAEL McKEAN). a closet homosexual and genteel civil servant who works in the State Department;
  • Professor Plum (CHRISTOPHER LLOYD), a psychiatrist who was stripped of his medical license after becoming a little too intimate with one of his female patients;
  • Miss Scarlet (LESLEY ANN WARREN), the sexy and cunning owner of an "escort service" whose clients include some of the most powerful men in Washington.

  • Arriving at the dinner party, the guests are greeted by Wadsworth (TIM CURRY), the oh-so-British butler; and Yvette (COLLEEN CAMP), the fetching French maid whose skimpy uniform inspires male lust - and female disgust! The servants make their guests comfortable while they await the arrival of Mr. Boddy (LEE VING), who is either the seventh guest - or the host of this puzzling gathering.

    Before long, Mr. Boddy shows up and Wadsworth reveals that he knows the dark secret they share - every guest is being blackmailed by Boddy. Wadsworth tells the group that the police will be arriving soon, and he urges them to blow the lid off Boddy's crimes. To protect his scheme, Boddy proposes that one of the guests kills Wadsworth to assure that their scandals don't go public. But after Boddy distributes the murder weapons to each guest (a revolver, knife, candlestick, wrench, rope, and lead pipe), the lights go out and Boddy ends up dead!

    Shocked by the murder, the guests immediately begin trying to figure out "whodunit" and are surprised when Wadsworth admits that he, too, was being blackmailed by Boddy. As the group begins gathering clues to Boddy's killer, they're dumbstruck to discover that the cook (KELLYE NAKAHARA) has been fatally stabbed and that Boddy's body has disappeared.

    Knowing that the police will arrive momentarily, the guests struggle to solve the baffling murders of Boddy and the cook. Meanwhile, a man having car troubles (JEFFREY KRAMER) comes to the house and asks to use the phone. When he calls a friend for help, the motorist mentions that one of the house guests is an old boss - at which point he is killed with a wrench by an unknown assailant. Just then, the doorbell rings and a policeman (BILL HENDERSON) arrives!

    As the group frantically tries to divert the cop's attention away from the mansionful of murdered bodies, the lights go out againand when they come back on, three more corpses turn up: Yvette has been strangled in the Billiard Room, the police officer has been killed by a lead pipe and a girl delivering a singing telegram (JANE WIEDLIN) has been permanently silenced by a bullet!

    Suddenly, Wadsworth announces that he's figured out who's been doing the deadly deeds - the now deceased Yvette, whom he claims was acting under orders from Miss Scarlet, who admits that she masterminded the murders and killed Yvetter herself.

    But then, another theory is proposed that Mrs. Peacock is really the guilty party, since she's been extorting money and killing everyone to cover up the fact that she's been accepting bribes from foreign powers in exhange for her husband's inside information on government defense contracts.

    However, Mr. Green claims that he knows what really happened. According to him, Professor Plum killed Mr. Boddy (who was really Wadsworth, the Butler); Mrs. Peacock killed the cook (who was formerly her cook and fed Boddy Mrs. Peacock's secrets); Colonel Mustard killed the motorist (who knew about his black marketing work during the war); Mrs. White killed Yvette (who was having an affair with White's husband); and Miss Scarlet killed the policeman (whom she'd been bribing to escape prosecution for her "escort service").

    Meanwhile, Wadsworth (who is really Mr. Boddy) is exposed as the person who killed the singing telegram girl, since she was an indiscreet informant in his blackmailing operation. Having summed up the case, Green admits that he is actually an undercover F.B.I. agent. When Wadsworth tries to escape, Green kills him, just as a group of officers burst in to take the remaining suspects away.

    [Cast and Production credits follow]

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