TV Times - July 28-August 3, 1990
This 1990 TV Times (Thames/LWT and Channel Four) features two great articles relating to Clue. The first is a two page spread titled, "Whodunit? Give us a Cluedo..." and outlines the show and suspects. The second two page spread is titled, "As Proud As A Peacock!" and discusses Stephanie Beacham's return to British Television with her role in Cluedo.

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"The SUSPECTS Are they guilty or innocent?
Whatever happens, one of them is lying..."

Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock (Stephanie Beacham): 'Murder? Me? Preposterous! I'm wealthy, I drive a blue Rolls-Royce and home is the most wonderful house. What have I to gain? I've twice been widowed. My first husband died in a tragic riding accident and my second husband Commander Peacock was killed in a drink-driving accident. I certainly don't lack for the attention of men.'

Rev. Jonathan Green (Robin Nedwell): 'Me a murderer? That's unthinkable. I'm a man of the cloth, kind and devout. I value human life so highly and hate violence so much that I was once arrested in an anti-Vietnam protest. I'm proud to wear my CND badge. I am Green by name and green by nature. I am totally into ecology. Even my clothes are green and so is my Citroen 2CV.'

Vivienne Scarlett (Tracy-Louise Ward): 'I'm a glamorous model and I'm far to busy lazing on the yacht in the Bahamas, skiing in the winter, or driving my red Porsche to ritzy parties to even think of crime. I've got everything going for me. Yes, I know I was expelled from my Swiss finishing school and that I like men. but now I'm to cultivated to be involved in murder.'

Mrs. Blanche White (June Whitfield): 'Me a murder suspect? Oh no! I came to work for Mrs. Peacock as a nurse for Vivienne 25 years ago and I'm devoted to them both. I would never want any harm to come to them. I came to Mrs. Peacock when my previous employer died under strange circumstances leaving me a small sum of money. Mrs. Peacock is very good to me.'

Colonel Mike Mustard (Robin Ellis): 'It's ridiculous to suspect me. I know the value of life - I was promoted to the rank of colonel for my efforts in the Falklands war. After I was discharged from my regiment on medical grounds I moved to Arlington to set up a security business. I have a close relationship with Mrs. Peacock and it's no secret that Vivienne and I are very good friends.'

Professor Plum (Kristoffer Tabori): 'I'm an American, a graduate from Harvard, you know, and if my ambition was to become a millionaire before my 40th birthday, then I would be a professional football player. I happen to be on secondment from a major British financial institution and I've made my money from the Stock Exchange. Murder is most definitely out of the question.'