Clue Movie Trailer on 35mm Film

Labeled "CLUE R85/102-5 w/tag" this 35mm film is the trailer for the Clue Movie. The film has a protective hard paper shell and is held together by an elastic string.

The trailer includes a few scenes not included in the final cut of the film:
  • Mr. Green screaming in the study. Colonel Mustard slaps him in the face asking, "Why are you screaming?!" Mr. Green responds, "I'm frightened!". "Of What?" asks Mustard. "Screaming!" says Green.
  • A shot of Professor Plum looking down Yvette's cleavage. As the narrator says "Professor Plum... who's looking for a way." Professor Plum speaks: "I'm looking! I'm looking!"
  • Wadsworth standing at the door looking at the dead Singing Telegram: In the trailer, the line is "this is getting quite serious", in the theatrical version, the line is "this is getting serious".
  • An additional pile-up as guest crash into each other in front of the cellar door.