Script From Clue Movie (Third Draft) - Autographed by Tim Curry

Obtained directly from the Clue The Movie set, this is definitely a rare find! Finding anything Clue related that is autographed by Tim Curry is a real challenge. This is definitely a real collector's item!

This script contains so many scenes and jokes that never made it into the movie. It is too bad the world may never get to see them--but at least they can still read about them!
  • The script is autographed, "Thanks, Tim Curry" on the cover of the script which is made of heavy weight paper - this is NOT A PHOTOCOPY of the script, but actually printed on nice paper.
  • The script is the third draft (scripts purchased from dealers are usually copies of the final shooting draft) and contains approximately 125 white (normal) and blue (revised) pages.
  • This script contains four different endings - three of which made it into the final cut of the movie.
  • This script was obtained by an actor from another set at the Paramount Studios. It was most likely an executive's copy of the script which was obtained by the actor and autographed in person by Tim Curry.
  • The final page of this script is printed on "Script Department" letterhead and reads, "We are requesting that the contents of the attached script are kept confidential."
  • The word "Clue" is written on the "spine" page edges in black marker.