Script From Clue Movie (Shooting Script)

Obtained though a movie script distributor in the early 90's this script is relatively hard to find today. The script is the shooting draft and includes the material from earlier revisions.
The script is dated February 8, 1985 with revised pages dated March 26, 1985 (blue), April 10, 1985 (pink), and July 9, 1985 (green). Since the script is photocopied, however, the colored pages are all white.

For its age, this script has held up pretty well. The cover sheet as seen in the photo is worn and falling off. As written on the cover sheet, this script is missing page 22. There are at least 200 pages in the script and it does include much material that has been cut from the final movie - Including a FOURTH ending!
The cover of this script was originally autographed by Madeline Kahn. This cover however is MISSING and is assumed to have been lost in a tragic recycling accident. For this reason, the cover is not included with the script, but, if located, will naturally be reattached.