Six Pages of a Revised Shooting Schedule from Clue the Movie

Dated 8/1/85, this revised shooting schedule from the movie, Clue, contains six pages of material to be filmed from Friday, August 2 through Friday, August 9.
  • This is definitely a rare bit of movie memorabilia as it is not generally included when script copies are purchased.
  • This well-worn copy of the revised shooting schedule came directly from the Clue The Movie set at Paramount.
  • This set of pages are the "pink" pages. The script also contains white (original) and blue (revision) pages. This set details the filming revisions by date and scene.
  • This is definitely an interesting read to find out how this, and other, movies are filmed!

  • The first revision reads: "FRIDAY, Aug. 2 - [Scene] 65, 68, 72. INT. CELLAR STAIRS & CELLAR (N) Prof. Plum & Mrs. Peacock stand at the top of the stairs. Argue as to who should go first. Sc. 68: They walk down the stairs side-by-side. Sc. 72: They reach bottom of stairs. They back into separate rooms. 6/8. 5,6."