MIT Musical Theatre Guild Program and Ticket Stub - May, 3, 2003
This program and ticket stub are from the front row of Clue the Musical performed by a student theatre group at MIT. This was the final performance on May 3rd at 8pm.

The show is a musical based on the Clue boardgame... and the ending changes every time. In fact the murder, weapon, and room are chosen by audience members. (I was selected to choose the room - the Billiard Room). The audience can then keep track of musical clues which are presented depending on the solution. Though my companion was baffled, I solved the mystery... (Miss Scarlet, with the Wrench, in the Billiard Room).
Program Cover
Reverse Cover/Playing Form

I had read the script prior to seeing the show, and admit, it read very very poorly. I was expecting to be really disappointed, but I was wrong! The show was hilarious and I found myself laughing outloud with the audience the whole time! (Much of the humor is physical which can't be represented on the page.) It is very campy and fun. The music was wonderful (though some of the songs could use a bit of help). The Everyday Devices song is a particular musical pleaser, and the cast performed it very well..

Overall, this was a great performance.

The Cast:

Mr. Boddy - Steven Flowers
Mrs. Peacock - Stephanie Cavagnaro-Wong
Prof. Plum - Alan Meisler
Miss Scarlet - Welkin Pope
Colonel Mustard - Edmund Golaski
Mrs. White - Tanis O'Connor
Mr. Green - Timothy Abrahamsen
The Detective - Eleanor Pritchard