Unproduced "Clue" Movie Script by Warren Manzi - Monday, March 29, 1982

This script, written by notable playwright Warren Manzi in 1982, came over two full years before Jonathan Lynn's Clue script. It is completely unrelated to Lynn's movie, which unlike this script, was produced. The cover credit of this script reads, "Screenplay by Warren Manzi in The Den with A Ball-point pen."
This 152 page script revolves around a mystery writer with a double identity, his nine year old genius daughter, and an editor who are all drawn into a mysterious plot involving the seemingly random deaths at the hands of a killer whose meathod just may be following the Clue game theme. There is only one ending.

The script is an enjoyable read, but is a bit hard to believe. For instance, Agatha, the 9-year old, travels around the country by herself using her own credit cards while her father seems to not care at all.

Coincidentally, there is a mansion mentioned in the script that was built to the Clue mansion specifications. It is located in Arlington, Virginia and is referred to as the Arlington Mansion. Arlington Grange is the name of the house years later in the Cluedo gameshow.