Photos from Filming Location - 2003

The view from the gates of 160 S. San Rafael in Pasadena.

Sadly, the Clue mansion in its entirety does not exist. Finding a house with the same layout as the game board would have probably been impossible for the filmmakers. According to various articles and the films production handbook, the house's driveway/front door and ground floor (except the ballroom) were filmed on a soundstage (18) at Paramount Pictures (where Rear Window and Sunset Boulevard were filmed). The attic and cellar scenes were shot next door on soundstage 17.

According to the Revised Filming Schedule, location shots were filmed in Pasadena California area. This includes the "Country Lane" scenes filmed in Franklin Canyon and the Ballroom scenes filmed at 160 S. San Rafael in Southern Pasadena.

The exterior shots of Hill House are a bit of an enigma still. Production information points out that Albert Whitlock, a famous Matte designer, worked on the film. No article, however, clearly defines what he worked on. 160 S. San Rafael is also listed for the "Ext. House" shots but also notes "Matte Shot" - suggesting that the house exterior is matte.

Photographs of 160 S. San Rafael show the driveway that is seen in the movie leading up to the mansion, but the house exterior is vastly different.

Specifically, in the shots of Wadsworth approaching the mansion you can clearly see the exact same brick driveway and retaining wall with railing. Also, the driveway shown in the movie follows the same path as that in these photographs.

These photographs were taken on Saturday, October 4, 2003.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the mansion featured here was completely destroyed in a fire on Wednesday, October 5, 2005. The fire began at 9:20pm and lasted lasted until the following morning. The home was unoccupied and undergoing renovations at the time.
Photo through the bars of the front gate.
Close-up ("borrowed") photo of the house.
A wider shot reveals a driveway leading of left toward a gate house.
The same curve of the driveway is seen in this storyboard sketch (from American Cinematographer magazine) of Wadsworth approaching the mansion.
A screen-shot from the actual movie featured in the storyboard above.
Another screen-shot showing the curve of the drive from a different angle as well as the planters and retaining wall on the far right.
The left side of this shot shows the same driveway/wall as seen in the actual mansion. (Notice, however, that the tallest tower of the mansion differs from that above suggesting - or perhaps proving - that the house is a matte image).
A closer comparison of the retaining wall.
The front gates and gate house of the filming location.
The rear of 160 S. San Rafael overlooks the Arroyo Canyon.
A look at the location's entry from the street.
Paramount Pictures where Clue's interior shots were filmed on a Soundstage 17 and 18
Paramount Pictures Studios located on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California.