Look in! - 9 May 1992


Cluedo Article

This British teen magazine features numerous pop culture articles including a spread about the return of the Cluedo season. The short spread tells a description about each of the characters and offers a drawing to win Cluedo puzzles and Cluedo books.

The article begins:

IT'S MURDER! Those creepy goings-on at Arlington Grange are back on our screens this week as a new series of Cluedo starts. It's time to decide who did what to who, in what room and what they used to do it with. Let's check out the suspects…

Mrs. White Blanche White (Pam Ferris) is the Grange's cook and housekeeper. She's also one of Mrs. Peacock's best friends even though she's got a dodgy past. The last person she worked for died when Blanche set fire to the curtains...!

Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock Mrs. Peacock (Susan George) is the wealthy Lady of the Manor. She used to be an actress and starred in lots of dodgy B-movies and soap operas but now lives at the Grange which was left to her after her husband died. She now has to fight off the affections of Colonel Mustard.

Reverend Green He's the village vicar (Christopher Biggins) and depends on Mrs. Peacock to keep the religious funds topped up. He loves a bit of a gamble and a good game of cards and also likes a drink or six.

Colonel Mustard Mike Mustard (Lewis Collins) is a military man. He's a bit of an old smoothie and has affections for both Mrs. Peacock and Ms. Scarlett! He's been in the SAS and gained honours for heroism. Even though he's now retired, he's still very army-like and a bit snooty.

Ms. Vivienne Scarlett Vivienne (Lysette Anthony) is Mrs. Peacock's stepdaughter and has been educated at a Swiss finishing-school (very posh!). She now spends her time doing nothing, while waiting for money from the trust fund her father set up for her when he was alive. She's a "bit of a one" and dates as many men as possible.

Professor Plum Peter Plum (Tom Baker) was always top of his class at school and is academically brilliant. He lectured at Cambridge University. He got kicked out though, because he was accused of nicking someone's ideas. He doesn't have time for people, he just likes science. The boffin!