Theater Lobby Cards - 1986
1 of 8 - Suspects gather in the billiard room
This set of eight lobby cards appeared in theaters showing the movie Clue in 1986. The cards are approximately 11" by 14" on a blue background with a full color photo depicting a scene in the movie. The tag line reads, "Murder, madness, mystery and mayhem. More fun than you can imagine." The movie credits appear at the bottom.

These lobby cards have been laminated.
2 of 8 - Professor Plum being himself at dinner
3 of 8 - The Elderly Evangelist confronts Mrs. Peacock in a cut scene
4 of 8 - Wadsworth explaining Mr. Boddy's death to Professor Plum
5 of 8 - 1+2+1+1 Wadsworth explains how many bullets are left in the gun
6 of 8 - "Was the Brandy poisoned?" Colonel Mustard wants to know
7 of 8 - Mrs. White, Mr. Green, and Miss Scarlet investigate the cook's boddy in the kitchen
8 of 8 - Wadsworth the Butler and Yvette the Maid introduce Mr. Boddy at dinner