Clue the Movie in German on VHS - Circa 1991
Front Side
Reverse Side
The title roughly translates to, “They're all Murderers” or as the movie line goes, “They all did it!” When the title reveals the solution to the movie, you know you're in trouble. But even worse for the Germans, the box seems to make this movie appear to be a classic 80s sex-romp with the prominent image of Plum getting a good look down Yvette's blouse. The back cover also gives Yvette the feature space above the text. One might be lead to believe the entire movie is about her!

Oddly, none of the images from the back cover are taken from the movie. Yvette holding the wrench is a promotional picture that appears in the German lobby card set. The image of the cops frisking the suspects is from a cut scene in which the cops find the bodies in the house. And lastly, the image of Mr. Green screaming is from another cut scene in which he is reacting to Yvette screaming in the billiard room.

The musical notes on the front of the box also appear on the German movie poster and really do nothing for those of us who can't read music. The blue and red color scheme, however does compliment the UK (US) lobby card set even if it doesn't match Germany's own. The box also suggests that the movie is approximately 93 minutes compared to the 92 minutes on the UK box and 96 minutes on the US box.

Description from the Box (Very roughly translated)
In the middle of a violent thunderstorm, six guests, unknown to each other, arrive at an English mansion. However, they all have one thing in common: everyone has a reason to murder the host. And one of them does it. After dinner, the lights go out, and so do those of the host. Both the murder weapon and the location the death occurred are unclear. They begin a madcap search of the house and for the murder weapon, because they all had one when the murder occurred. In the end, guns, ropes and wrenches aside, the dark secrets of their past are revealed...

The All-Star Cast Includes:
  • Eileen Brennan
  • Colleen Camp
  • Tim Curry
  • Madeline Kahn
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Michael McKean
  • Martin Mull
  • Lesley Ann Warren
  • Movie Details:
  • 1986
  • Color
  • 93 Minutes