German Movie Program - April, 1986
Front Cover
Reverse Cover

This German film program measures about 6 inches by 9.5 inches when folded. The front and back covers are photos taken from the movie. Inside, however, seven German Movie Lobby Cards are cropped together to form a collage of images from the movie. Because of this, the lobby card title appears in some images, but is half or mostly cut out of the others. The front page of the program contains the title. The reverse shows the movie production credits. The inside has cast credits and crew credits as well as a brief description of the movie.
Inside Spread
The Story (roughly translated):

They Are All Murderers.

A dark night. Rain, thunder and lightning. An old house in the gothic horror style, standing off the road. Edgar Allen Poe could have written here, however it is 1954.

Gradually, six people arrive at the house, invited by the mysterious Mr. Boddy. The participants of the evening are received by Wadsworth, the Butler, who falls under equal suspicion as the guests. In the house are still another cook with wild view and a house girl with mini-skirt and maxi-bosom. No one at the dinner party knows each other, and no one has seen the host. So it seems. When Mister Boddy arrives, the joy is short because Boddy is a bad man, a blackmailer, who knows the dark secrets of the apparently white pasts of his guests. Then the light goes out, a shot is fired and Mr. Boddy is a dead Body. So it seems. The missing corpse is found a little later in the corridor toilet - again "killed."

The improbable events create an uncomfortable evening. More murders happen, secret passages are discovered, appropriate suspicions are in the air - one fact is clear: the uncanny killer is among the guests. A search to find the murderer begins...