Clue the Movie on DVD (I Love the 80's Edition) - Copyright 2008, Released Circa Summer 2008
DVD Insert (Back, Spine, Front)
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A repackaging! WooHoo! This must be Paramount's way of making up for the lack of features we fans keep demanding such as a commentary track or the elusive fourth ending. Instead, we get the same old same old dressed in gaudy colors that scream Saved by the Bell and a bonus CD that includes four songs: Lips Like Sugar by Echo & the Bunnymen (Bunnymen?!? WTF?), Chains of Love by Erasure, Need You Tonight by INXS and Take on Me by a-ha.

Seriously, the songs have nothing to do with the movie, the theme of the movie or the feel of the movie. If you want to listen to 80's music, buy an 80's CD.