Clue the Movie on DVD (Version Two) - Copyright 2006, Released Circa November, 2007
DVD Insert (Back, Spine, Front)
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Same movie. Same features. Different box cover.

While at first, the cover of the DVD looks like a hodge-podge of images, it is actually a cleverly subtle reference to the squares of the board game. The use of promotional photos - some of which had apeared on the previous DVD box as well as the main title screen - is a nice touch to show off all of the suspects and weapons. The tag line, “It's not just a game anymore,” also appears on the box along with the actors names (in alphabetical order as in the movie credits). The reverse of the box is taken from the advance screening handout, but in mirror image. Another bit of clever photoshopping takes the Colonel Mustard from the reverse side image and puts him on the cover with a wrench suddenly appearing in his hand. It also appears that the background of the Professor Plum image was inserted into the Colonel Mustard image with some additional books added behind him. The reverse side reintroduces the magnifying glass which was a prominent theme of the preveious version. Also, what may at first appear to be a simple red highlight announcing the special features is, upon closer inspection, a fingerprint. The reintroduction of the red-colored logo as seen in the movie trailer is a nice touch. Overall, the theming of this box cover is a step up. If only the features were... The lack of new material is diappointing. The lack of even an insert showing the DVD chapters is just cheap.