Tape of Clue: Movies, Murder & Mystery - 1986
This VHS videocassette contains the episode of Clue: Movies, Murder & Mystery which aired on Wednesday, September 17, 1986 from 8:00-9:00 PM ET. The show featured Martin Mull, and CBS billed it as "a light-hearted look at American's continuing fascination with the mystery genre..."

The show starts with Goldie Hawn from Foul Play saying, "Hello... Police... Something terrible has happened!" and continues with many more great clips from mystery movies throughout the ages.

Many movies and television shows are represented here including Murder on the Orient Express, Young Sherlock Holmes, North by Northwest, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Murder She Wrote, and many episodes of Sherlock Holmes. The show also discusses the game Clue, murder mystery weekends, and interviews a real private investigator.

Intermixed with all of the above are clips from the movie Clue including the weapons distribution, Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard escaping from the lounge, each murder scene, and unfortunately, even whodunit!!

The tape retains good quality and the commercials have been edited out. The show, overall, is very interesting for the mystery fan. It would have been vastly improved, however, has the creators labeled the clips with the movie's title.