Tape of Cluedo Game Show and Interview with Lewis Collins - 1991/1992
This VHS videocassette contains one episode from the 1991 (second series) Cluedo game show, all six eipisodes from the 1992 (third series) Cluedo game show, and an interview with Lewis Collins (Colonel Mustard) on "This Morning".

The game show episodes are very fun where a murder mystery is re-enacted and a celebrity guest panel must interrogate the suspects to discover whodunit. The suspects must ad-lib answers to prove their innocence... or guilt. Players at home can try to solve the mystery as well which is revealed at the end by the killer in a confession.

"You are invited to a murder! A stranger lies dead in Arlington Grange. There are six suspects, but which one is the killer?"

The Suspects:

Could it be Mrs. Peacock, lady of the manor and beautiful society hostess?

Perhaps Colonel Mustard, military hero and intimate family friend?

Is Reverend Green a saint or sinner?

Is it Professor Plum, a man with a degree of suspicion?

Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock's glamourous step-daughter?

Or Mrs. White, loyal houskeeper and devoted confidant?

The Weapons:

Dependent on the Episode

The Rooms:

Dining Room, Drawing Room, Billiard Room, Library, Kitchen, Study

The Episodes on Tape:

The Bolilvian Connection (Series Two, Episode 6, 1991)
The Weapons: Funeral Urn, Scarf, Glass of Champagne, Revolver, Paper Weight, Cake Knife
The Victim: Jack Peacock - Mrs. Peacock's husband who disappeared years earlier and resurfaces during her wedding to Colonel Mustard.

A Hunting We Will Go (Series Three, Episode 1, 1992)
The Weapons: Scissors, Candlestick, Telephone Flex, Fireplace Poker, Syringe and Poison, Billiard Cue
The Victim: Gordon Ferrar - A stranger who arrives injured to Arlington Grange.

Scared To Death (Series Three, Episode 2, 1992)
The Weapons: Candlestick, Gun, Dagger, Statuette, Cross & Chain, Decanter
The Victim: Miss Terry - a psychic who comes to rid Arlington Grange of evil spirits.

Murder in Merrie England (Series Three, Episode 3, 1992)
The Weapons: Mallet, Stocking, Bow & Arrows, Fossil, Meat Clever, Fireplace Poker
The Victim: Max Gold

And Then There Were Nuns (Series Three, Episode 4, 1992)
The Weapons: Spear, Shotgun, Cake Knife, Parasol, Corkscrew, Paper Weight
The Victim: Sister Concepta

Blackmail and the Fourth Estate (Series Three, Episode 5, 1992)
The Weapons: Knife, Billiard Cue, Curtain Cord, Insecticide, Carving Fork, Knife
The Victim: David Stringer - a writer who wants to feature Arlington Grange.

Deadly Dowry (Series Three, Episode 6, 1992)
The Weapons: Billiard Cue, Fireplace Poker, Candlestick, Sword, Meat Pounder, Gun
The Victim: Clive Moxton

The final portion of the tape is an interview with Lewis Collins (who played Colonel Mustard) on the "This Morning" show. For about ten minutes, Collins discusses many aspects of his career, but he says, "Cluedo is the most nerve-racking thing I've ever done..." He also speaks of the tremendous rapport that the cast enjoyed together.

The quality of the tape is in good condition, but the audio cuts out briefly on occassion and the picture sometimes becomes fuzzy for a brief time.