Cluedo Play Handbill
Front Side
Reverse Side
"Whodunit? You, the Audience, Must Decide!"
Perhaps for the first time in history Cluedo the Play fleshes out those six famous characters by real people. The play originated in England in 1985 and its success led to a British tour in 1986.

This collection includes two handbills identical in appearance with the exception of the theatre information. The handbill pictured above is of the Theatre Royal Bath which ran from August 25 to August 30, 1986. Unpictured is of The Grand Threatre which ran from November 10 to November 15, 1986.
Reverse Side Details:
WHODUNNIT? WE DUNNO! Cluedo by Robert Duncan
A brutal murder at Tudo Close. Six weapons. Six possible locations. Six suspects. The game of Cluedo comes to life on stage for the very first time. Dr. Black is murdered. Was it Reverend Green with the candlestick? In the dining room? Was it Colonel Mustard with the revolver? Was it Mrs. Peacock? Professor Plum? Mrs. White? Or Miss Scarlett? Where? What? Who?

The plot thickens. Enter the Inspector to unravel the gory details, with the help of the audience, and a set of incriminating envelopes. The murderer is different every night. The actors don't even know who did it... but are prepared for the worst. See Cluedo. Find out which of the possible endings is in store... for you.
  • Christopher Biggins
  • Avril Angers
  • Trevor Bannister
  • With:
  • Susan Beagley
  • Rosemarie Dunham
  • George Little
  • Simon Merrick
  • Howard Southern
  • Peter Spraggon