Clue, The Movie Canadian Press Release - 1985
This SPECIAL BULLETIN announces the release of Clue, The Movie across Canada. The single page accompanied by a few black and white photos from the movie (not shown) was put out by the Paramount Pictures Publicity and Advertising Department:

    146 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 1M4
    (416) 922-3600 Telex: 06-22796

The text is as follows:

Opens across Canada on December 13, 1985

Clue isn’t just a board game anymore.

The suspicious characters and sinister rooms made famous by the enduringly popular Parker Brothers board game have come to life in Paramount Pictures’ comedy whodunit, Clue.

The filmmakers have expanded on the game to create a comedy that also entertains as a murder mystery in the classic tradition of delicious stylish whodunits. The butler, the maid and the cook-plus a few others-are new characters invented for the film. And each one is both a suspect and potential victim.

The lavishly designed film stars a mansionful of talent: Eileen Brennan as the Senator’s wife, Mrs. Peacock; Tim Curry as the oh-so British butler Wadsworth; Madelaine Kahn as the black hearted widow Mrs. White; Christopher Lloyd as Professor Plum, a bizarre psychiatrist; Michael McKean as the genteel civil servant, Mr. Green; Martin Mull as Colonel Mustard, a blustering U.S. Army officer; and Lesley Ann Warren as the sexy and cunning Miss Scarlet. Co=starring are Colleen Camp as Yvette, the French maid, and Lee Ving as Mr. Boddy.

A Guber-Peters Production in Association with Polygram Pictures and Debra Hill Productions, Clue was directed by Jonathan Lynn, a highly successful comedy craftsman from England, making his feature film debut. He also wrote the screenplay, based on a story by John Landis and Jonathan Lynn. Peter Guber, Jon Peters, John Landis, and George Foslsey, Jr. are the film’s executive producers. Debra Hill is the producer of Clue.

Clue is being released in Canada and the U.S. by Paramount Pictures Corporation, a member of the Entertainment and Communications Group of Gulf & Western Industries, Inc.

(Clue is Parker Brothers’ Registered Trademark and is used by its Permission)

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