Script From Clue Movie (Second Draft) - Monday, June 4, 1984
We are looking up at a house. It stands some distance away, on a hill. From the moment we see it we know that it is a house of terror - imposing, Gothic, gloomy, menacing. Perhaps it is reminicent of the house in Psycho, perhaps - though not a castle - it has the deserted soulless empty quality of Kane's house when seen first through its gates.

The MUSIC we hear is as old-fashioned as the house. Thriller music, urgent strings, suggesting panic, suggesting unspoken evil. Bernard Hermann sort-of-music."
This script is dated June 4, 1984 and is marked "Second Draft".

The script is approximately 200 pages in length and gives a great insight into the shaping of the movie. There is much material that ends up on the cutting room floor - including a FOURTH ENDING!