Script From Clue Movie (First Draft) - Friday, May 4, 1984
Considering the amount of material that ended up on the cutting room floor, this first draft of the Clue movie is much fuller and darker than the final version. The script has many interesting changes including: the location changes from New England to Florida. Mrs. Peacock reveals that she is from North Dakota. Instead of dogs guarding the conservatory, Wadsworth points out that there is an armed guard outside with orders to shoot anybody who tries to escape. (The guard later turns out to be a mannequin). There is a much heavier emphasis on Communism. The movie Mrs. White was seeing when her husband was killed was called, "From Here to Eternity". When the guests split up, they originally got to choose which floors they were to search. Each team drew a second matchstick and the shortest got first pick and so forth.

The endings are slightly changed as well. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. The Peacock ending seems a bit more violent - the Evangelist shoots Peacock twice (once even after she is dead). The Scarlet ending is pretty much the same but with out the famous bullet counting. The everybody did it ending ends with Wadsworth admitting he poisoned everyone and they are going to die. As he tries to escape from the house, the Evangelist shoots and kills him. The fourth (peacock/plum... wadsworth) ending is much more believable than later drafts. Here, he admits he wants to continue blackmailing them all - taking over Boddy's business. The cops arrive and she says that there is no proof to link him to the murders, but the cops see the reel to reel tape recorder still recording - preserving his previous confession.
This approximately 200 page script is dated May 4, 1984 and is marked "First Draft".