Clue Junior Mystery Puzzle: Sounds Like a Robbery - 1996
The Story:

Join the six young clue detectives as they try to stop the Tudor Heights bank from being robbed! Two suspicious newcomers are in town and only the kids know their plans. With some clever spying can the kids catch the culprits and stop the biggest heist in years?

The Clue Kids:

Peter Plum: Full of bright ideas, can Peter figure out how to stop the crime in time?
Liz Peacock: Naturally suspicious, Liz is ready to jump headfirst into this spy game!
Johnny Green: Surprise! Trustworthy Johnny is really an excellent snoop!
Vivienne Scarlett: Viv always has an eye out for fashion (and a bank robber or two).
Mike Mustard: Into gadgets and gizmos, Mike's ready to spy anytime, anywhere!
Lily White: Can sweet-voiced Lily sweet-talk the robbers and find out their plans?

Read the story, assemble the puzzle, and find the clues to solve a murder. This puzzling new twist on the Clue board game presents a mystery in a short story which can be solved by assembling the 200 piece jigsaw puzzle to reveal the clues as to whodunit!