Clue Mystery Puzzle: A Merry Little Murder - 1994
The Story:

Last Christmas, Black's wife Rose was killed by a hit-and-run driver on the estate's grounds. The killer had to be one of Black's six Christmas party guests. But nothing could be proven at the time. Now Black knows who did it and want revenge!

Invitations are sent to the same six guests for a Christmas party like last year's. This time Black plans that one guest won't be returning home! But the tables get turned! Holiday cheer quickly turns into holiday fear as Black becomes the victim rather than the killer. Which guest has struck a second time at Christmas to make it a season for murder?
The Suspects:

Colonel Mike Mustard: He invested in Black's medical supplies company hoping it would make him rich. Did he profit of murder?
Mrs. Blanche White: She was planning to clean Black's mansion after the holidays for extra cash. Did she dust him off first?
Miss Vivienne Scarlett: She was planning a vacation with Black. Did she give him a deadly no-return ticket?
Reverend Jonathan Green: He needed Black's family records for his latest book. Did he decide to write off Black in the end?
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: She wanted Black to combine their two estates to create a bird sanctuary. Did she finally fly into a frenzy and do him in?
Professor Peter Plum: He needed Dr. Black's expert medical testament. Did he have a prescription for murder too?

Read the story, assemble the puzzle, and find the clues to solve a murder. This puzzling new twist on the Clue board game presents a mystery in a short story which can be solved by assembling the 500 piece jigsaw puzzle to reveal the clues as to whodunit!