Clue Mystery Puzzle: Killer on Board - 1993
The Story:

Wealthy yacht owner, Dr. David Black is also the wildly successful owner of CompuCloset - an ingenious computerized wardrobe selector that matches the person's outfit to the day's weather. But someone claiming to be the real inventor of CompuCloset has been sending Dr. Black threatening notes. The ominous letter-writer says that Dr. Black stole the idea and now must die on September 28th!

To flee this murdering crackpot and protect himself on this fateful day, Dr. Black invites his six closest friends aboard his yacht for a cruise to the Greek islands. Relaxing upon the waters with a gun for added protection, Dr. Black thinks he's safe - but is he? Sometimes a "friend" is not what he or she seems! Who decides to silence Dr. Black and his tinkering for the last time?
The Suspects:

Professor Peter Plum: Where there's a will, there's a way... and Dr. Black's will was in the Professor's favor. Did he make sure Dr. Black's cruise was his last?
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: She missed the boat by not investing in Dr. Black's newest invention. Was she just mad enough to kill?
Mrs. Blanche White: Did the maid's mounting hysteria hide a deadly desire to deep six the doc?
Reverend Jonathan Green: Quiet, meek, and mild, the clergyman was often overlooked by Dr. Black. Did his invisibility hide a hatred so deep in needed burying at sea?
Miss Vivienne Scarlett: Portraying a woman scorned was not her idea of a fun holiday. Did the jilted beauty use her time on board to even the score with Dr. Black?
Colonel Mike Mustard: Extremely jealous of Dr. Black's success, did the gadget-minded Colonel make him ship out prematurely?

Read the story, assemble the puzzle, and find the clues to solve a murder. This puzzling new twist on the Clue board game presents a mystery in a short story which can be solved by assembling the 500 piece jigsaw puzzle to reveal the clues as to whodunit!