Clue Junior Mystery Puzzle: The Curse of Bledmore Mansion - 1996
The Story:

Join the six young clue detectives as they investigate spooky Bledmore Mansion. Madame Rose, a famous psychic, has vanished and her fortune is hidden somewhere inside the haunted house. Can the kids solve the mystery of who is haunting Bledmore Mansion and locate the hidden fortune?

The Clue Kids:

Peter Plum: Can the ever-logical Peter help see through all this hocus-pocus?
Liz Peacock: Can cynical Liz figure out who haunts the mansion before its too late?
Johnny Green: Johnny is the bravest of them all when it really counts.
Vivienne Scarlett: Viv loves pretty knickknacks - even those owned by a ghost!
Mike Mustard: Mike is always ready for adventure, but maybe not the spooky kind!
Lily White: Lily is brave and daring - even in the face of ghosts!

Read the story, assemble the puzzle, and find the clues to solve a murder. This puzzling new twist on the Clue board game presents a mystery in a short story which can be solved by assembling the 200 piece jigsaw puzzle to reveal the clues as to whodunit!