Clue Mystery Puzzle: The Color of Murder - 1993
The Story:

Friday the 13th is a special day for Dr. Black. It marks the reappearance of the Darbyshire Rainbow (after a mere 300 years). It is also the perfect deadline for his six friends to pay back their rather large loads. Trust Dr. Black to combine business with pleasure! As an amateur meteorologist, he's thrilled to view this once-in-a-lifetime event. As a professional moneylender, he has dollar signs shining in his eyes.

After his six guests spend the afternoon playing croquet, the Darbyshire Rainbow graces the sky above for the watchers below. All eyes turn skyward - except for one guest who takes time out to pay Dr. Black back in a most deadly way... with murder!
The Suspects:

Professor Peter Plum: Fit as a fiddle is he. Any sport is the Professor's! Maybe even a murderous match of croquet!
Miss Vivienne Scarlett: She's spent every last cent she owes Dr. Black on cosmetic surgery for herself. Can looks really kill?
Mrs. Blanche White: Without funds, she knows she'll never be able to pay the Doctor's bill. Did she decide to give him a permanent headache instead?
Colonel Mike Mustard: When his Banana Republic Coup failed, so did his profits. With no way to pay, did he decide to overthrow Dr. Black?
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: Worried about the pounds she owes Dr. Black, did she finally decide that a pound or two of a mallet would help?
Reverend Jonathan Green: In awe of the heavens above, did the good Reverend's nearsighted gaze waver and turn to murder?

Read the story, assemble the puzzle, and find the clues to solve a murder. This puzzling new twist on the Clue board game presents a mystery in a short story which can be solved by assembling the 500 piece jigsaw puzzle to reveal the clues as to whodunit!