Cluedo Puzzle (Jr. Edition) - 2003
Based on the European Cluedo Jr. this puzzle game for children aged 3 years and older brings back Inspector Cluedo, his bloodhound Watson, and three of his nieces and nephews - Natalie Peacock, Jessica Scarlet and Spike Mustard. The goal is to assemble the simple 24 piece puzzle and answer 10 questions based on the puzzle image.
Box Reverse

Overall, this is a nice way to incorporate and unite the artwork of previous editions, but the puzzle is made too simple. The image shown on the box cover is the same as the puzzle image. A mystery image would have been more entertaining - as was the case in the Clue Jr. puzzles. Though it may be more challenging, it would better aid in developing the player's cognitive skills - perhaps more so than the simple questions the player must solve such as "What can you find in the fountain?"
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