The Guardian Weekend - December 20, 2008
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The December 20th, 2008 issue of the UK's The Guardian Weekend features their Christmas special. Several games are covered, but none as extensively so as Cluedo in an article titled, "Jack Mustard, In the Spa with the Baseball Bat," by Kate Summerscale.
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This article is well written - as one would expect of a published mystery writer. The spread chronicles the history of the invention of Cluedo and brings the reader up to speed with the newest game, Cluedo Reinvention. Not much is learned from the article that hasn't been found elsewhere, but there are a few revealing snippets such as how the prototype game was played on cardboard with matchsticks or the details here and there about Anthony Pratt. Who knew that his cousin was the leader of the BBC Symphony Orchestra? Or, sadly, that he ended his days eating dinner provided by meals-on-wheels? Other tidbits revealed by the author are more speculation. For instance, it is suggested that the game was inspired by Agatha Christie's Body in the Library and that Colonel Mustard was a take-off of Colonel Bantry and Miss Scarlet of Ruby Keene.

The layout design of the article is bold. An entire page devoted to the image of Miss Scarlet is simply inspired. Four of the playing pawns from the 2002 edition appear begging the question of why the other two are missing. The same goes for the missing four weapons. And why use the 2002 edition at all if the article's purpose is to introduce the Reinvention game. Perhaps images from that game would have been better suited. The article also references early and foreign editions which would have made a nice visual element to the article. Lastly, however, there is a picture of Anthony Pratt (albeit forty years after his invention of Cluedo) which finally puts to rest the nagging quesion of what he looks like! Thank you Guardian Weekend for that!