Clue Timeline

This original work by Tum Tunthatakas was featured in the 1999 I-Space Graphic Design Show in Chicago. This is a one of a kind item.
Final Design
This poster measures approximately 16x36 inches and depicts the major U.S. versions of the Clue board game from 1949 through its fiftieth anniversary in 1999.

The effort behind this project was, as Mr. Tunthatakas points out, to create a visual timeline of events that would appeal to a wide audience. After all, who has never owned a Clue game in his or her lifetime? This work is printed on glossy paper and affixed to heavy poster board.

Mr. Tunthatakas is an up and coming graphic design artist. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this timeline, or are interested in the rest of his work, please visit his web site at
Concept Design #1
Concept Design #2