Clue Sudoku by Patrick Blindauer - Published December 2, 2008
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The timing of this book is slightly unfortunate given that the artwork the cover is based on is being faded out as the Reinvention Game gains its foothold in the Clue Universe. More unfortunate is Hasbro's continuing need to license the Clue brand to even the most bizarre items. Who would have suspected there would one day be a Clue themed Sudoku book? Well, Patrick Blindauer has created one and managed to get published by Sterling Publishing Company (ISBN-13: 9781402754883). The book comprises 111 puzzles over 144 pages. There are 48 "very easy" puzzles, 24 "easy" puzzles and 39 "medium" puzzles for the clueless who want to feel challenged.

The artwork on the front of the book is slightly misleading. One might think the book merely contains sudoku puzzles over a clue board themed grid. In reality, the book is quite a bit more clever. As seen in the puzzle below, the sudoku puzzle is typical, but there is the addition of suspect names to the left and weapons to the top. The rooms diagram on the page corresponds to the grid. By completing the puzzle, you can then identify whodunit, where and with what by identifying the number on the puzzle that is surrounded by the provided "killer numbers." That number will be at the intersection of the killer and weapon. Then you can compare its location on the room grid to find the where. Neat.

One thing that could have made this book a little more interesting would have been to mix up the suspect/weapon/room information on the grid. It remains constant on every puzzle. Perhaps an intro to each puzzle would have been nice to give it more a Clue atmosphere. Overall, though, the author gets props for coming up with an interesting twist on a popular game. Err... two popular games.
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