Clue The Storybook - 1985

Published in 1985, this little piece of movie memorabilia features the same story as Clue The Movie in storybook form - With an additional ending!
This is a nearly unblemished 61 page book with over 50 illustrations which tell the story of Clue - "...a bleak, rainy night, a strange dinner party is held at a gloomy mansion. The guests don't know each other. They don't even know their host. Why have they been called together? Who is the mysterious Mr. Boddy? No one has the answers, but before the evening is over, six people have been killed. Who is the murderer?"

The book allows you to examine the picture clues and choose the ending that you arrive at on your own. A truly fascinating book!
Sample Page
Photograph from Clue's fourth ending
not included in the movie!

This is a beautifully put together book with great photographs - and even a diagram floor plan of the mansion! Finding this book is nearly impossible. It has been out of print for years and collectors have snatched copies out of online book sellers to resell at quite a hefty profit on online auction services. This is without a doubt, a very valuable book!