Clue The Novel, By Michael McDowell - 1986

The world's foremost mystery game is now a movie and a 188 page paperback novel which mirrors the movie... with a few notable exceptions... one being the fact that the novel contains the movie's unreleased Fourth ending!
"This book is dedicated to Those Who Got Away With It.

Chapter One:

It was the kind of house you always see from the road, never up close. Seen through vast gates, at the end of a winding gravel driveway, half-hidden by the foliage of trees planted more than a half century ago. You sow down as you pass it, trying to catch glimpses over the vine-covered brick walls that surround it, of its peaked gables and its dark windows and curious porches. It is silent and secret."

-By Michael McDowell

Based on the Screenplay by Jonathan Lynn. Story by John Landis and Jonathan Lynn.