Mad Magazine - 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2008 - January 2009
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Joe the Plumber is the victim of foul play in Clueless - The Sarah Palin Edition. At least in Mad Magazine's hilarious spoof of the Clue game we've all come to love. All the typical Republican values have been lampooned in this "game that anybody - and we mean ANYBODY - can win."

Anybody who survived the 2008 US Presidential Election that doesn't find this funny - or incredibly sad - must be deader than Dr. Black with a knife in his back.
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The artwork of this piece is fantastic. Details abound.

The Suspects: Sarah Palin (the most unbelievable Vice-Presidential candidate in history), Todd Palin (the potential first husband), Bristol Palin (the pregnant daughter), Mike Wooten (of TrooperGate), Ashley Todd (the moron who carved a "B" in her face to frame Obama supporters but did it backwards) and, of course, the infamous Joe the Plumber (of whom John McCain made a figurehead as the "Everyman" in his campaign.)

The Weapons: Hockey Stick, Petroleum Pipe, Flag (Pin?), Beauty Pageant Flute, Aerial Wolf Rifle, Eye Glasses

The Locations: Wasila Library (with its Glimpse of Russia), Main Street (with its Secret Passage to Wall Street), Arctic National Wildlife Reserve Refuge, Spin Alley, $150,000 Wardrobe Closet, Wall Street (with its Secret Passage to Main Street), Bridge to Nowhere, The Big Oil Lobby, Hanoi Hilton

Some of the clever details in the artwork include the relative lack of books in the library, the moose (who also makes an appearance on the box's cover) shot dead in the treeless refuge, another moose head in the Big Oil Lobby and the bridge to nowhere being made into a room. The rooms themselves are slightly modified in shape, but wouldn't necessarily affect the playability had this been a real game. The lack of starting spaces might, though. Also, the fact that Joe the Plumber is a victim and a suspect seems ill thought out, but the artist probably didn't take into account the fact that a Clue enthusiast might pick apart his work. It's too bad, however, because this would be a GREAT game to have and play. But since that will probably never happen, it's at least fun to read and remember the craziness of the election.