Clue Jr. - The Case of the Missing Glasses - June 2004
Let's READ and PLAY. Written by Sara Miller and Illustrated by Jim Talbot, this book is geared toward children five years and older. Five different two page spreads contain a short introductory paragraph and a simple game to play. The goal is to discover which person took the missing item and where it is hidden. To do this, players take the role of Peter Plum (Professor Plum's son) or his friend Cicilee and travel around the game board collecting clues.

The book is cute and clever. Note that the Repairman is holding a wrench. Coincidence?
The Suspects: The Butler, The Cook, The Gardener, The Maid, The Repairman
The Weapons: Location 1, Location 2, Location 3, Location 4, Location 5
Playing Pieces
Solution Envelope
In "De-Spectacled!" the Clue kids, Peter and Cicilee, and trying to find out who hid Professor Plum's glasses.
In "Problematic Attic" the Clue kids are looking for a missing portrait of Plum's ancestors.
In "The Crook and the Book Report" someone has taken Peter's book report, but whodunit?
"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, So Where's the Clue?" features a missing prizewinning rosbush.
In "The Great Cookie Caper" discover who stole Mrs. Plum's cookies while they were cooling and be the hero of the neighborhood.
Reverse Cover