Clue Junior Series, Book Three - The Case of the Chocolate Fingerprints
"Based on the popular Parker Brothers board game, CLUE Jr., here are eight great mysteries. Short, fun-filled and featuring the game's characters, these stories are great for early chapter book readers. Each mystery includes visual hints in black-and-white drawings throughout and solutions printed at the end of each chapter." - From the Publisher

Creator: Parker C. Hinter
Author: Della Rowland
ISBN: 0590262173
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: June 1995
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

The Chapters:

  • 1 - The Case of the Forgotten Day
  • 2 - The Case of the Chocolate Fingerprints
  • 3 - The Case of Lost Time
  • 4 - The Case of the Parrot's Escape
  • 5 - The Case of the Lost and Found Secret
  • 6 - The Case of the Stolen Scene
  • 7 - The Case of the Missing Link
  • 8 - The Case that Snowballed

    Whodunit?! You decide!