The Clue Game History on Parker Brothers Letterhead - 1994
This two page history of the Clue game was in response to a fan letter sent to Parker Brothers in 1994. It came accompanied by a letter of thanks from a Customer Relations Representative of Parker Brothers. The pages are printed on 8.5" x 11" heavy stock letterhead and have been since been placed in frames. The history reads:

The Clue Game History

Mr. Pratt, a solicitor's clerk before his retirement, invented the classic who dunnit game, game. Mr. Pratt, who described himself as "an introvert full of ruminations, speculations, and imaginative notions," came up with the idea for the murder game in 1944.

To their neighbors, Anthony E. Pratt and his wife appeared to be an unassuming couple similar to hundreds of other elderly people who had chosen to retire to the south coast near Bournemouth, England. What few realized was that Mr. and Mrs. Pratt were specialists in savage murder and dark deeds.

After many hours of perfecting the mechanics of the game, and filing a provisional specification at the patent office, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt visited Waddington's Games in Leeds, England to discuss the possibilities of its manufacture. They were accompanied to the meeting by their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Bull who had already invented a successful game called BUCCANEER.

Waddington's personnel played the first game with the Pratt's and the Bull's in the office of the Managing Director, Norman Watson. Mr. Watson immediately recognized Clue as a winner. Due to post-war shortages of various materials, there were some delays before the game was finally launched in 1949.

Clue is today sold in over 40 countries from Brazil to Sweden, New Zealand to Abu Dhabi. In England the game is called 'Cluedo,' in Brazil, 'Detective.' The same successful formula works when translated into any language.

One mystery remains unsolved! While millions have discovered who committed the murder, where, and with what weapon, nobody knows why the unfortunate Mr. Boddy was killed.

Parker Brothers obtained the U.S. rights to the CLUE game from Waddington's in 1949 and has successfully marketed the game ever since. The CLUE game has become one of America's favorite classic board games.