National Lampoon Clue Spoof - June 1974
This 1974 edition of National Lampoon features a spoof of the Clue Game. The spread covers two pages and has amazing artwork rendering a Ghetto version of Clue.

The concept is the murder of "Mr. Charley" at one of his slum real estate holdings. The board cleverly depicts this in an amusing alteration of the original board. The text describes an enhanced version of the game rules.

This spoof is not only an interesting concept for Clue, but represents another time - another less politically correct time...

Col. Amal Nitrate 6 7/8 X (Black), Black Jack (Black), Reverend Jamaica Moan (Black), Mr. Jesus "Banana" Colon (Brown), Ms. Dolores O'Reo (Black), Ms. Blowjangles (Black)

Blackjack, Straight Razor, Shive, Sword Stick, 22., 32., 45., 9mm., Sawn-off 12 Gauge, Sawn-off 16 Gauge, Sawn-off 20 Gauge, Saw, Fire Ax, Ice Pick, Brick, Fist, Two-by-Four, Baseball Bat, Car Door, Car Trunk, Car Antenna, Car, A-Train, Gravity Knife, Gravity

Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge Hall, Pink Pussy Lounge, Black Jack Diner, Serena's Soul Kitchen, Pluto Ballroom, United Third-World Evangelical Church of Saladin J, Afro Cola Pool Room, Marcus Garvey Memorial Library, Hotel Geraldo Rivera