Franklin Mint Clue Game Advertisement - 1996
Front Side
Reverse Side
"4 a.m. A scream. A revolver lying near the Conservatory door. Who done it?"

This mailing advertisment for the Franklin Mint Clue game measures 8.5" by 11" folded and opens to two very high quality images of the board game and cards. The outside cover features new artwork depicting a first-person view of the Conservatory which accurately matches how the board looks from over head. To make the scene more eerie, there is a revolver lying on the floor with a shadow of a person next to it.

The advertisement gets high marks for such high quality images showing close-up views of the walls of some of the rooms which the player can only view from overhead while playing the game. Also, the original cover artwork creates the perfect creepy atmosphere to get players in the mood for murder!
Inner Quad-Fold View

Inner Bi-Fold view