Clue Mystery Game Contest - 1995
Appearing in the April 1995 Disney Adventures Magazine, this two page spread offers a mystery based on the 1996 edition Clue game. The winning prize was a trip to the Tower of Terror at the Disney/MGM Studios at Disney World.

The contest offers the following whodunit:

The Story:

Clutching the wrench, Mrs. White was visibly upset. She explained, "Mr. Boddy was fixing a clog in the sink, and asked he me to go get this tool from the Conservatory where Mr. Green was using it. I was only gone five minutes!" she cried. Miss Scarlet concurred, and she would know, since she could see the kitchen door from the Hall where she was busy arranging flowers from the rose garden. "No one, including Mr. Boddy, entered or left the kitchen while Mrs. White was gone. How could such a thing have happened? And who killed Mr. Boddy?"

The Suspects:

Miss Scarlet with the Lead Pipe - A day spent in Boddy's rose garden... now, to find the perfect vase for the perfect bouquet.

Colonel Mustard with the Candlestick - Nothing like an entire day of billiards to sharpen a sportsman's reflexes.

Mrs. White with the Wrench - "He was the best employer I ever had! Whatever will I do now that he's gone?"

Mr. Green with the Rope - Mr. Can't Fix It spent all day trying to repair the Conservatory's sprinkler system.

Mrs. Peacock with the Revolver - Ah, country weekends... with time for a long luncheon and a leisurely pot of tea by the fire.

Professor Plum with the Knife - Maybe a quiet room, a comfy chair, and a good mystery can help him forget what's troubling him.

The Clues:

Clue #1 - Someone has left a piece of fringed leather by the sink. What could this be?

Clue #2 - Mrs. White's kitchen is always perfectly tidy. What's out of place on her butchers block counter?

Clue #3 - Now where do these [footprints] lead? Could they indicate the killer's escape route?

Clue #4 - Look in a mirror for final clue. Secret Passage to Study.
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