Clue the Musical Letterhead - 1998
In 1998 Clue the Musical's official website ran out of cast recordings (though theory is that they were never produced in the first place). After sending payment, the site sent this form letter stating the fact. The letterhead, is great, picturing the logo as well as the knife and revolver weapons.

The letter reads:

September 10, 1998

Dear Customer:

We at CLUE The Musical Boutique are happy to announce that the response to our merchandise, especially the CD recording, has been so overwhelming that our initial stock quickly depleted.

However, while we have many orders that have yet to be filled, we have learned from our manufacturer that a second printing of the CD will take longer than we would like you, our customer, to wait. Therefore, we are herewith returning your check, and ask that if you are still interested in CLUE The Musical merchandise, to please check our web site at in 8 to 10 weeks, when we will have more information about availability.

Again, thank you for your interest, and please look for productions of CLUE The Musical, which are scheduled across the US and Europe in the coming year.



Vincent Winter
Director of Marketing
CLUE The Musical Boutique