Clue Code-Breaking Puzzles by Helene Hovanec - Published December 2, 2008
Front Cover
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Like the Clue Soduku which was released at the same time, this book utilizes the 2002 Clue game suspect artwork despite the fact that newer artwork has been released. The theme of shaded squares is very reminiscent of the board reverse of the Bookshelf Edition. The front cover, which is strangely missing Colonel Mustard, shows the suspects over a background of the different types of puzzles found throughout the book.

The book, released by Sterling Publishing Company, is comprised of 60 code-breaking puzzles over 95 pages. The puzzles are relatively easy with most being of the symbol matching nature. Each one contains a mini-mystery introduction which lets the player know what they are trying to find out. For instance, the first puzzle, as shown below, shows, "As Mrs. Peacock passed the ballroom, she noticed a strange man with his arms around Miss Scarlet. To find out what was happening, replace each symbol with the corresponding letter."

The puzzles aren't always consistent with the Clue lexicon. For instance, the very second puzzle has you solving a mystery surrounding Mr. Plum. MR?! Fortunately, this appears to be corrected later in the book.

Overall, this type of book seems quite in-line with the type of kid interested in everything Clue - the puzzle solver. Good for the youngsters, it doesn't reference the murder and mayhem the older fans might enjoy. Too bad...
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