Cluedo: Detect-It-Yourself Mysteries, Book Two
Published in 1991, this paperback sequel contains six new mystery stories presented by the six very colorful characters of the best-selling board game, Clue. The book is 139 pages in length and originally retailed for 2.99 British Pounds. Joyce McAleer is the author, and Bob Wagner provided the illustrations.

Over dinner at the large country house of their dearly departed friend, Dr. Black, each guest recalls an enthralling crime story. With clues given in the story and in the illustrations, the reader can play detective, spot clues, and solve the mysteries.
Reverse Cover
Page 18 Illustration

The Chapters:

  • Strange Goings-on - The introduction.
  • Man Overboard - Miss Scarlett's story of murder about a luxury yacht.
  • The Brain of Brickhampton - Professor Plum's schooldays recollection of a cheater.
  • A Packet of Sparklers - Mrs. Peacock's desperate drama to retrieve her stolen jewels.
  • Nothing to Declare -
  • An Heir Out of Place -
  • Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine -
  • Homeward Bound -

    Whodunit?! You decide!