Clue Series, Book Six - Booby Trapped!
"Who planted the booby trap in Mr. Boddy's Mansion? - Was it Mrs. White in the Dining Room with the Rope? - Was it Mr. Green in the Lounge with the Knife? - Was it Miss Scarlet in the Ball Room with the Candlestick?

Based on the bestselling board game of all time, the unique and inventive Clue mystery series is back. Once again, a group of guests has gathered at Mr. Bobby's mansion for a night of mysterious fun. This time, Mr. Bobby has installed security cameras, catching his guests redhanded in all sorts of mischief." - From the Publisher

Creator: A.E. Parker
Author: Jahnna N. Malcolm
ISBN: 0590478052
Format: Paperback, 94 pages
Pub. Date: July 1994
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

The Chapters:

  • Allow Me to Introduce Myself...
  • 1 - That Gun Rings a Bell
  • 2 - A Dynamite Dinner
  • 3 - The Scarlet Key
  • 4 - Password, Please
  • 5 - Tall Tales
  • 6 - Caught Blue-Handed
  • 7 - The Robot Butler
  • 8 - One of You Is the Murderer
  • 9 - Mr. Boddy's Surefire System
  • 10 - Booby-Trapped!

    Whodunit?! You decide!