The Clue Armchair Detective - Can You Solve the Mysteries of Tudor Close? - 1983

By Lawrence Treat and George Hardie, this book includes many crimes of the infamous Clue suspects, and it is up to the reader to read the story, examine the illustrations, and answer questions in order to solve whodunit.

This 64 page book contains more than 25 baffling mysteries for the reader to solve. The book is in great condition and has many wonderful illustrations and fascinating mysteries.

The Suspects (from book):

  • Albert Plum - Widower, former Professor of Moral and Practical Science at Wentbridge University.
  • Horatio Green - Known as "Reverend" but of no recognized denomination...
  • Cynthia Scarlet - Single, former "Artiste of the Air" in Jake Jasper's Traveling Circus.
  • Penelope Peacock - Widow, former wife of Lieutenant Percy Peacock of H.M.S. Insensible, and sister of Albert Plum.
  • Ivor Mustard - Nickname "Colonel." Good sportsman and member of all Abbington Frith's clubs.
  • Beryl White - Reputed to be one of the best cooks in England she is now retired but, on special occasions, works at Tudor Close.

  • Was Professor Plum the criminal genius behind it all? Did Mrs. White add more than seasoning to her soups? Had Colonel Mustard a mysterious past? Was the Reverend Green a trifle unholy? How much did money matter to Miss Scarlet, and was Mrs. Peacock out to feather her nest? It's up to you, the armchair detective, to find out!