Toys International Advertisement - November, 1975

Appearing on page 3 of the November 1975 Toys International, this Cluedo advertisement features the 1965/1972 game. In it, the makers point out an upcoming 15-second commercial. Unfortunately, twice they also point out the Monopoly game and feel the need to point out that Cluedo is a secondary favorite.

Fortunately, the artwork is nicely done. An expected jumble of playing pieces is highlighted by the addition of a magnifying glass. Oddly, the purple pawn appears much darker than in the actual game. Here, it's almost black. Is it a trick of the eye? Or a trick of the advertisement?
The advertisement reads:

Cluedo is hot on the trail of Monopoly.

We introduced Cluedo - the Great Detective Game - in 1947. Today it's one of our best sellers, second only to Monopoly. And starting in September we're running a 15-second Cluedo television commercial to boost your sales even further. It could end up top of the public's wanted list.

From Waddingtons. The makers of Monopoly.

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