Magazine Advertisement - 1975

The origins of this advertisement are unknown, but it is believed to be from a 1975 edition of Woman's Day magazine. The advertisement features a group of decidedly dated looking people standing in front of a movie theater playing a mystery movie. The kids look bored while the parents dig frustratedly through their wallet and purse for the whopping $3.00 admission! The game pictured in the body of the ad is the 1972 edition.
The advertisement reads:

"Tonight, solve a baffling murder mystery for a lot less than it costs to see one.

These days, the price of tickets is only the beginning. There’s everything else from parking to popcorn. So taking the family out of for a little fun can really take it out on your wallet. Fortunately there’s an alternative that’s not just economical, it’s great family fun. If you like the chilling suspense and masterful skullduggery of mysteries, stay home and play a game of Clue. Every time you play it’s a new challenge for the whole family. And you’ll need all the super sleuth in you to deduce who did it, with what weapon and where. With Clue, you’re not just watching the fun happen, you’re making the fun happen. Together fun, for the whole family. And that kind of fun is worth saving for your family. Not to mention that kind of money.

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