Wendy's Kids' Meal Promotional Clue Toys - 1999

Celebrating Clue's 50th anniversary, Wendy's included great (and long overdue) Clue-themed toys in their kids' meals:
The promotional sweepstakes offered along with the toys announced the chance to win a $500 shopping spree at K.B. Toys. Other prizes included the Clue game, CD Rom, or puzzle. The sweepstakes ended 12/27/99.
This is a picture puzzle. The six piece image can be shaken up to scramble the picture. The player must then use the magnetic playing piece (which came in various character images and colors) to move the pieces about to form the correct image.
This maze puzzle can be played by a number of players at the same time. Each player takes one turn by moving the red jewel through the maze into a room. The jewel will allow a word or symbol to appear. The players can investigate one room per turn. The winner is the one who finds the first and last name of the suspect and a star in a room which indicate which person and room are the correct solution.
Colonel Mustard's Pocket-Watch has many secrets for children to enjoy. A magnifying glass flips out from the watch for examining clues. A small button can be pressed to emit a red light - to highlight the clues, perhaps!
Modern Professor magazine is a how-to spy guide in disguise. The cover presents the cover story, "Professor Plum". Other stories: "Privacy - Ballroom or Study. Tested - Rope vs. Wrench". Inside:
The left page has a lever marked, "push". When pushed, two holes open. These are the eyes of the professor on the cover of the magazine. Thus the spy can peer through them undetected. The right page offers a memory test.
The left page can be removed and rolled to amplfy sounds. The right side includes a glossary to learn spy terms as well as a mirror to see who might be sneaking up behind you.
In order to gain access to potential off-limits area, you may need to use identity badges. This badge can be used with your own picture. (This badge uses the image of Colonel Mustard - from the Master Detective Game). Stickers can be used to further disguise the image. Other pass options:
Professor Plum on a security badge... Mrs. Peacock on a pest control badge... Miss Scarlet on a backstage pass...
Mrs. White on a press pass... Mr. Green on a special agent badge... and Colonel Mustard on a police badge.
Even the bags the kids' meals came in carried the Clue theme:
Room With A Clue - the front side of this bag offers an intriguing mystery. Each character describes what appeals to him in a room setting. By examining the rooms, you can figure out which room the suspect prefers.

Speaking Of The Truth - the side of the bag offers a word puzzle. The letters on the left are added to the right side to form words that, when put together, spell out a message.
Dish Disaster - Mrs. Peacock has broken a plate and it is up to you to figure out wich pieces will fit together to fix the plate. Shady Shadows - which shadow would be correctly formed from the lamp. Intriguing...

Colorful Clues - the back side of this bag has a clue finding game. The bottom of the bag lists a number of items which must be found hidden in the picture above.
Fancy Feet - something mysterious has occurred in the library, but the suspect has fled to the kitchen. Follow the trails to figure out which suspect took which route...

Photographic Memory - examine the pictures for a minute... then how many items can you recall. A good detective would remember.